Before You Create An Application


The Communication Sciences and Disorders Central Application Service (CSDCAS) simplifies the process of applying to communication science programs. By using CSDCAS, you are able to complete one application via our online website and send one set of documents to our centralized service. CSDCAS will verify your application for accuracy, calculate your GPA, and provide your application to your designated CSD programs.

Accredited communication science programs choose to participate in CSDCAS.  Developing CSD programs that are within one year of being granted provisional accreditation may also choose to participate.  There are CSD programs who do not utilize CSDCAS; they handle their application process individually. For a list of programs who participate in CSDCAS, please see the Participating Programs list.

IMPORTANT: Before you start your application, you are responsible for knowing the information contained in these Instructions and FAQ pages, so please review them carefully, even if you have applied previously.


The CSDCAS application cycle runs from August every year until the following April. Applicants may not create an account or submit documentation to CSDCAS prior to our opening date.

UNDERSTAND: The 2017-2018 CSDCAS application cycle opens on August 2, 2017 and closes on April 1, 2018.

Applicants who apply during this timeline will be considered for the 2018 OR 2019 entering class of CSD students. It is your responsibility to ensure you are applying for the correct application cycle. If you are unsure, please contact the programs to which you are applying to confirm that you are filling out the correct application BEFORE creating a CSDCAS account. CSDCAS cannot provide refunds for your application or transfer payment and documents to a new application should you apply for the incorrect cycle.


Each CSD program has different deadline requirements and prerequisites for entry. Please contact the schools to which you are applying to determine their entry requirements.

CSDCAS does NOT determine if an applicant is eligible to apply to any program. It is your responsibility to know the prerequisite requirements of the program(s) you are applying to and apply only to those programs with minimum requirements that you meet or exceed. Please note that CSDCAS will accept all application payments regardless if you meet program requirements or not. Refunds are not granted under any circumstance, including to applicants who did not meet a program’s minimum requirements to apply.


The following steps are highly recommended BEFORE applying:

1. Read through all of CSDCAS’ Instructions and FAQ and the Professional Code of ConductYou are responsible for understanding this information BEFORE you start your CSDCAS application, and will be asked to state you understand and agree to these policies prior to submitting your CSDCAS.

2. Determine what types of references your CSD programs require (ie. academic, clinical, etc.) and contact your potential evaluators to ensure they are willing to complete a recommendation on your behalf..

3. Request official copies of transcripts to be sent to you to aid you in filling out the coursework portion of the CSDCAS application (these can NOT be the same ones later sent to CSDCAS).

4. Compose your personal essays in a word processor for those programs that require them (note that not all programs require an essay). Essays will now be uploaded to each school you apply to individually in the Program Materials section of the application. The accepted file formats are MSWord (.doc, .docx), JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg), PNG (.png), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Portable Document Format (.pdf), and ASCII Text file (.txt). The size limit for each essay is 5MB.

5. Research your the deadline requirements for each CSD program you are interested in applying to and note what is required for each deadline as this can greatly affect your timeline for submitting documents and completing your CSDCAS application

6. Determine CSD programs’ requirements regarding prerequisites, standardized tests scores, supplemental applications, foreign evaluations, etc. and ensure you meet their minimum requirements.


If you have created an active account during the 2015-2016 OR 2017-2018 cycle, instead of clicking “Create New Account,” sign in with your previous login information to begin the process for the current cycle. If you have forgotten your username or password, click “Forgot username or password” to retrieve it. Please see the “Re-Applying to CSDCAS” section of our instructions for more detailed information on how to proceed once you log in.

UNDERSTAND: Even if you would like to start over with a “fresh” application, the new re-applicant process will give you the option to do so. If you would like to start completely fresh, still sign in with your old account information. Do NOT create a new account.

If your previous CSDCAS account is older than 2015-2016 and you have never before created an account on our 3.0 platform, your application information is no longer accessible. Please proceed by creating a new CSDCAS account.


IMPORTANT: Please review the “Technical Requirements” page to ensure your web browser, email settings, and mobile device are compatible with the CSDCAS application.


Below we have outlined a suggested timeline you should keep in mind when completing your application. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible; this suggested timeline represents the latest we recommend completing each step. Please note processing times vary throughout the cycle and each CSD programs’ deadline requirements differ, therefore this timeline may not apply to every applicant’s situation.

Prior to Start of the Application Cycle

Research CSD programs, prerequisite requirements, program information, and other requirements. Begin narrowing down and selecting programs you may be interested in applying to. Focus on finishing outstanding courses or other prerequisite needs at this time, and begin reaching out to potential letter of reference authors. Begin gathering your demographic and academic information, which will help speed up the process of completing your application.

At Least 3 Months Prior to Deadline

Begin the CSDCAS application; inform references of the process and ensure they have agreed to participate. Complete the Colleges Attended section and References section immediately so that references and transcripts can be received by CSDCAS.

At Least 10-12 Weeks Prior to Deadline

Request that transcripts be sent to CSDCAS directly from your schools and confirm with your references that they have received the online reference request via e-mail. Request that additional copies of transcripts be sent to you directly so that you may begin entering your coursework into your CSDCAS application. Begin drafting your personal essays.

At Least 6-8 Weeks Prior to Deadline

Monitor application for receipt of transcripts and letters of reference and follow up with CSDCAS on any missing items. Complete filling out application and submit it to CSDCAS.

At Least 4-6 Weeks Prior to Deadline

CSDCAS application has been submitted and all transcripts, payments, and at least two letters of reference have posted to the CSDCAS application. The application has received a complete date and is in line for verification. Monitor your application status regularly and follow up on any incomplete or undelivered statuses until the application is “verified.”


Q: How early should I start the application process?

A: APPLY EARLY! To ensure your application is mailed on time, ALL MATERIALS should arrive at CSDCAS to complete your application at least four weeks prior to your earliest deadline. Once your application is considered COMPLETE, it can take up to FOUR WEEKS for it to be processed.

Q: What do I do if I have applied before?

A: If you had an active CSDCAS account in the 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 application cycle, please visit the “Re-Applying to CSDCAS” section of our instructions for details on how to proceed. If you applied prior to 2015-2016, you will need to create a new application as information cannot be carried over from our 2.0 version of the application onto the 3.0 platform.