E-Submitting the Application

Once you have filled out your entire online CSDCAS application and selected which programs you would like to apply to, you must “e-submit” to officially turn your application in to CSDCAS. Depending on what documents CSDCAS has already received, e-submitting will move your application from an “in-progress” status to a “Received” status or a “Complete” status. E-submitting does NOT mean your application is being reviewed by your CSD programs.


Please be aware of the following:

No Changes Allowed After You E-submit

Once you e-submit your application, your CSDCAS application is locked and you may NOT make changes to it. The only sections you may change after submitting are: your contact information, your password and security information, references which have a status of “new” or “in-progress” and you may add additional schools to apply to. You may also add NEW experiences, achievements, conferences, and test scores, but you can NOT edit those already entered. All other sections will be read-only. Make sure you check over your application information closely before e-submitting to avoid any errors as these cannot be corrected later.

Transcripts and References Not Required to E-Submit

You may e-submit your application at any time once the required information has been filled out on the online application, regardless as to whether or not your transcripts and letters of reference have been received by CSDCAS. Please note, however, that CSDCAS will NOT begin to review your application until all of your transcripts and payments have also been received, which will “complete” your application. Once your application becomes complete, it will be placed in line for verification.

DoNOT Wait Until the Last Minute (Literally)

You are able to submit your application up until 11:59 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME on the deadline date. Please note your submission is NOT recorded when you click the E-SUBMIT button. Instead, there are several screens which must be completed including entering payment information, and your submission is only recorded at the end of this process. If you press e-submit at 11:58 and get through the final screen at 12:00, the submission will NOT go through.  In addition, times close to deadlines have a high volume of applicants submitting which can cause delays in loading these pages, and if you encounter an issue, CSDCAS customer service is not available to help you during these times, and CSDCAS CANNOT GRANT YOU A DEADLINE EXTENSION OR HELP YOU TO SUBMIT LATER IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG!



Q: Can I send in transcripts and references before I’ve e-submitted?

A: YES. As long as the names of your schools and references are listed on your application, you may send in transcripts and letters of recommendation regardless as to whether or not you have already submitted your application.

Q: The deadline for a school has passed. Can I still e-submit to that school?

A: NO. Once a deadline has passed, you can NOT e-submit your application via CSDCAS, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH PREVENTED YOUR SUBMISSION. If you still wish to apply to a school with a passed deadline, you must contact the school directly to request a deadline extension. If the school grants you this extension, they must notify CSDCAS directly of this and we may then open up the online portal to allow you to submit.

Q: I have received my final grades for current courses, but transcripts are not yet available. Should I wait to submit the application until CSDCAS receives the updated transcript?

A: You have two choices in this case:

1)      You may list your current courses as completed on your online application, and wait to e-submit your application until CSDCAS has received the updated transcript, which will cause a delay in your application. Please note that once all materials have been received, it may take four weeks for your application to be verified. CSDCAS recommends that all information arrive at CSDCAS at least four weeks prior to your earliest deadline.

2)      You may leave the course listed as in-progress on your CSDCAS application and submit your application. In this case, you would send the transcripts with only the completed courses to CSDCAS and, once the in-progress courses are complete, either update your information via academic update or send updated transcripts directly to the schools to which you are applying. This would avoid a delay in your application, and this is not an uncommon practice.