Selecting Your CSD Programs

Click the “Add Program” tab at the top of your dashboard to select which schools you would like CSDCAS to make your application available to. You can add as many programs as you like as long as their individual deadlines have not passed.

IMPORTANT: Most schools only allow applicants to apply to one program at their institution. The CSDCAS application will not allow you to apply to more than one program at these schools. Some schools, however, have elected to allow applicants to apply to multiple programs. The CSDCAS application will allow you to select multiple programs for these schools ONLY. Please refer to the schools directly for more information regarding applying to multiple programs at the same institution. 


Check the Program’s Deadline Requirements

Consult the Participating Programs and Deadline Requirements section of our instructions for an overview of all programs’ color-coded deadlines to ensure you have enough time to apply. REMEMBER: e-submitting alone does not complete your application; references, transcripts, and payments are also required. Once your application is completed, it can take up to FOUR WEEKS to be verified.

Determine Your Eligibility

Research the program’s requirements and/or prerequisites and determine that you are eligible to be considered. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact the program directly. CSDCAS does not verify prerequisites and requirements; as long as your CSDCAS application is completed correctly, we will forward your application regardless as to whether or not you are eligible.

Does the Program Still Have Seats Available?

*WARNING* Some CSD programs fill their classes prior to their posted deadline, even if they do not specifically state they are rolling admissions.

CSDCAS strongly encourages ALL applicants to contact the programs to which they are applying and ensure seats are still available BEFORE submitting their CSDCAS application. CSDCAS can NOT give a refund if a school you have selected has already filled its class, nor can we transfer the payment to another designation.


1. Click the “Add Program” at the top of your Application Dashboard to add schools to apply to.

2. This will bring up a list of all programs. You can then filter the list by additional criteria, including state and program type.

3. Select the blue plus symbol (+)  to the left of a program’s name to add this school to your program list. Select the “UNDO” button to the right of the school entry to remove it. Please note that the application requires you to have at least ONE program selected at all times. If you wish to remove a program and you only have one selected, you will need to select a second program before the UNDO option will appear for the first.

4. Once you have selected a program, it will appear on the “Submit Application” and “Check Status” tabs AND under the “Program Materials” section of the application. You will be required to complete the “Program Materials” section before you can submit to this program. Please see the “Program Materials” section of our instructions for information on how to complete this section.

5. Before submitting, LOOK OVER YOUR PROGRAM LIST CAREFULLY. THEN CHECK IT AGAIN. You may edit your programs list until you e-submit your application.

WARNING: Once you submit your application, you are committed to applying to the programs you have submitted to. NO submitted programs can be removed. CSDCAS can NOT give a refund if a selection was made in error, nor can we transfer the payment to another designation.

6. After you submit, you can continue to add programs to apply to as long as their deadline dates have not passed.


All regular CSDCAS programs are accredited by CAA. Developing Programs are new CSD programs which have applied for accreditation from CAA but have not yet received it, or remain in “Candidacy” status. These programs are using CSDCAS as “developing.” If you choose to apply to a developing program, you understand the program may be denied accreditation after the review process is completed and that there are no refunds should the program fail to gain accreditation. Otherwise, the CSDCAS application process is the same for developing programs. These programs will be upgraded to regular programs during the application cycle should they gain full accreditation mid-cycle.


Q: Can my programs see which other schools I have applied to on CSDCAS?

A: NO. Your programs do not have access to which other programs you have applied to via your CSDCAS application.

Q: If the programs have different deadlines, will my application go out to all of them at once?

A: CSDCAS does not mail applications. Instead, your application is visible to all programs you have submitted to on your application at all times. If you do not wish your application to be visible to certain programs just yet, you should wait and add those programs to your designation list at a later date.

Q: Can I add more programs to apply to AFTER I submit my application?

A: Yes. When you submit your application, it will only be visible to the school(s) listed at the time of submission. You may add programs to apply to at any time up until the end of the application cycle as long as their individual deadlines have not passed. Just go to the “my programs” section of your application and select “update designations” to add your additional schools.

Q: Can I apply to a program whose deadline has passed?

A: Once a deadline has passed, you may no longer e-submit your application via CSDCAS. If you still wish to apply to a school with a passed deadline, you must contact the school directly to request a deadline extension. If the school grants you this extension, they must notify CSDCAS directly of this and we may then open up the online portal to allow you to submit.

Q: My application was undelivered back to me to make changes. While it’s open I would like to add more schools to apply to. Why can’t I find the designations button?

A: You cannot add programs to apply to while your application is in an “undelivered” status. You must make the required corrections to your application and e-submit it back to CSDCAS. Once this has been done, you may add more programs to apply to.